Made With All-Natural Ingredients in Hyde Park, NY

Treat yourself to pickled red onions, fermented sauerkraut and kimchi

Fermented and pickled items taste better when they're made from all-natural ingredients. Purchase pickled red onions, kimchi and tasty sauerkraut from Some Like it Hot Salsa. Our items are made fresh without any additives or preservatives. With so many tasty flavor options to choose from, you're sure to fall in love with our bold recipes.

Don't settle for store-bought pickled red onions. Buy delicious fermented and pickled items from a local seller in Hyde Park, NY.

Give your sandwich a dash of flavor

Our fermented sauerkraut is a real crowd-pleaser. Dress your sandwich or wrap with our handmade sauerkraut to add depth to your meal. We also have sweet-and-spicy pickles and pickled red onions for sale.

Find us at local farmers markets around Hyde Park, NY to make your purchase. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our fermented sauerkraut.